Dreamthorn is a new RPG playground!

Adventure across the multiverse awaits as players come together and explore strange and unique worlds in vast multiplayer instances.

Each playthrough will have the player creating a new hero, going on quests, fighting monsters and taking part in sweeping story-arcs. Long-term progress comes in the form of growing a collection of powerful abilities, rare items and strange companion creatures - treasures that will form the heroes of future expeditions.

Featuring many different playstyles!

  • Play alone, with friends or team up with strangers - in long or short instances.
  • Quest at your own pace or engage the dynamic storylines.
  • Find yourself at the center of events or go your own way.
  • Fight, cooperate with, or avoid other players as you like.

Dreamthorn is inspired by a myriad of genres, such as ARPGs, MOBAs, MMOs, JRPGs and Roguelikes - but aim towards becoming a genre of it's own by giving RPG game mechanics a fresh, novel playstyle and online environment!

A playground suggests creative freedom!

Inspired by the legendary Warcraft III World Editor, it is our goal that creating content for the game will be as fun and easy as playing it. In Dreamthorn we put community contributions at the core of the experience.

The visual map editor will feature a rich palette of creatures, terrains, decorations, music, sounds and other tools required for creating unique experiences. Editing is integrated with the game, letting the player experiment and see the results in real-time.

  • Engage with other players as they try your map, or observe them through the replay system.
  • Bespoke tools for creating locales, cinematics, quest-lines, characters and more.
  • Many styles of maps can be made. MOBAs, Tower Defenses, Hero Defenses, Survival games and more were all invented as editor games.

There are surely more innovations to come!

To fully realize the potential of player modding, quality content have the chance to become part of the official game world!

An ambitious project requires prudent planning!

Our key strategy is to implement a consise set of core systems with wide usability:

  • Deliberate game mechanics that work well with each-other and can be built upon.
  • Sturdy backend server written in Rust that host the gameplay mechanics.
  • A thin graphical client fully driven by the server.
  • Gameplay systems designed to be modded.
  • Modding tools for all tasks.
Easy to use development tools lowers the bar of entry not only for modders but for any freelancers we wish to hire to create our in-house content.

This is our lever to greatly improve productivity!

It's worth mentioning that while we are innovating on the server side we will lean heavily on existing technology for the client. We are using Unreal Engine 5, with a custom plugin to allow logic to be written in Rust.

We plan to open up for early access as soon as possible!

Cakefish is a small, independent game studio, founded by actual multiverse travellers!*

Search your soul and determine whether your destiny is to fill a position with us!

Write to us right now!

Tell us what you can do! Copywriter, sound effects specialist, game mechanics tweaker, level designer, concept artist, social media operator? Full time employment or part time, it's all good. While we encourage anyone with passion and talent to get in touch, we do have some high priority positions to fill at the moment:

  • Rust programmers for server side infrastructure and game mechanics.
  • Client programmers with graphical and general gamedev experience.
  • Lead artist / technical artist.
* We routinely use our "chair" devices with our advanced "rear end" bio-tech to warp ahead into the "near-future-verse", moving reality around us in the process.