Dreamthorn is a new RPG playground!
Each playthrough will have the player creating a new hero, going on quests, fighting monsters and taking part in sweeping story-arcs.

Long-term progress comes in the form of growing a collection of new heroes, powerful abilities, rare items and strange companion creatures - treasures that form the basis of future expeditions.

Dreamthorn is inspired by a myriad of genres such as ARPGs, MOBAs, MMOs, JRPGs and Roguelikes - but aims towards becoming a genre of it's own by giving RPG game mechanics a fresh, novel playstyle and online environment!
An ambitious project requires prudent planning!
Our key strategy is to implement a concise set of core systems with wide usability:
  • A sturdy back-end server written in Rust that hosts the gameplay.
  • A thin graphical client using Unreal Engine 5 that is fully driven by the server.
  • Well planned game mechanics that integrate perfectly with each-other.
  • Gameplay systems and tools designed with modding in mind.
Easy to use development tools will lower the bar of entry for modders and freelance content creators!
Cakefish is a small, independent game studio founded by actual multiverse travellers! *
We are looking for more people, tell us what you can do! 3D or concept artist, level designer, musician, sound effect specialist, copywriter, social media operator? Full or part time employment!

Write to us right now!

* We routinely use our "chair devices" with our advanced "rear end" bio-tech to warp ahead into the "near-future-verse", moving reality around us in the process.